Bryt Oral Care

BRYT Oral Care is founded by three Dentists who are determined to improve oral health care by providing the best oral health care products for our patients We are on a mission to meet both the health and beauty needs of our patients whilst remaining safe and effective.


Sustainability is something we are deeply concerned about and at BRYT Oral Care our vision is to re-invent the way people look at oral care, while leading the way for sustainable and socially conscious businesses. We aim to help tackle a global issue (recycling of toothpaste tubes and oral care products with an environmentally conscious approach. Our products are recyclable and environmentally friendly, something we are very proud of and we hope to spread our vision of healthy and effective oral care products with a positive impact on our planet. We believe we can help make the world better by protecting the environment and that is what we are striving for.


Making a difference is very important to us and so is looking after our planet, which is why we are determined to combine the highest quality ingredients with the latest advancements in oral care. Our range of products are not tested on animals, are vegan friendly, recyclable, and free from Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and Peroxide.


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